Iran Nanotechnology Standardization Committee (ISIRI/TC229)

Iran Nanotechnology Standardization Committee or ISIRI/TC229 technical committee was established in 2006 with partnership between Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) and Iran Nanotechnology Initiative Council (INIC).
The committee is working with International Organization for Nanotechnology Standardization (ISO/TC 229) as an observer. The International Organization for Nanotechnology Standardization (ISO/TC229) has been formed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) in 2005 in a bid to provide and adopt needed standards in nanotechnology fields.
The Iran Nanotechnology Standardization Committee includes of 3 specialized working groups:

1- Working group for terms, definitions and names: for defining unified definitions and terms, and nanotechnology related names;
2- Working group for measuring and identifying features: for standardizing measuring methods and identifying features of the nano material, nano structure, nano device and nanotechnology products;
3- Working group for health, safety and environment: for developing and adopting standards in environmental, safety and health issues and specifying equipment for protection of individuals and engineering control, offering safety instructions, assessing and reviewing toxicity as well as nanotechnology related dangers.

* The committee’s activities

1- Preparing, adopting and distributing nanotechnology standards based on the country’s needs and supervising the correct implementation of the standards;

2- Active participation in the international initiatives for standardizing nanotechnology;

3- Collection and classification of documents, evidences and information regarding standardization of nanotechnology in a bid to provide optimize use by users;

4- Preparing different practical reports in nanotechnology fields;

5- Holding training courses and workshops in nanotechnology standardization fields for university students, companies and research institutes which are active in nanotechnology;

6- Providing support for companies, research institutes and laboratories in a bid to adopt national standards for nano, given the country’s priorities;

7- Establishing special product-centered groups for adopting standards for companies and research centers which produce nano products.