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31 May 2023

Study Reveals Potential Toxicity of Manganese and Manganese Nanoparticles in Fish

A recent study conducted by researchers highlights the potential toxicity of manganese (Mn) and manganese nanoparticles (Mn-NPs) in fish, shedding light on the risks posed to both aquatic ecosystems and consumers. The research, focused on Pangasianodon hypophthalmus, a resilient fish species widely consumed in diets worldwide, explored the effects of high concentrations of Mn and Mn-NPs, as well as their interaction with elevated temperatures.

About the standard and safety group

As the official trustee of nanotechnology development in the country, the Special Staff for the Development of Nanotechnology has been focusing on the standard and safety of nanotechnology since its inception, creating an internal group called the "Nano Technology Standardization Committee." With the development of the headquarters' programs and activities in the field of standard and safety, this committee was developed and with the beginning of the implementation of the second national strategic document for the development of nanotechnology, it became a "standard and safe group".  The activity of the standard and safety group is done through cooperation with specialized centers and reputable experts and in the form of inter-organizational documents, special working groups and joint committees, specialized meetings, events and conferences, support for projects and competitions, etc. So far, the activities of the Standards and Safety Group have achieved significant achievements such as: the country's high ranking in the world in terms of formulating and publishing national and international standards of nanotechnology, credibility and influence of the country in national and international forums related to standards and safety of nanotechnology. The development of nanotechnology as a standard technical committee has brought with it the country's sample and so on.


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